Builders and Subcontractors

It's All About Growing and Enjoying Your Business

“Tap into my extensive experience as a builder and my college degree in workflow analysis and job scheduling to enhance the enjoyment and financial success of your business.”

Together We Can Solve These Problems

  • Wasted Time
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Lost business
  • Lost Profit
  • Employee Turnover
  • Work-Life Balance
An Invitation

You’re invited to find out how we can remove the barriers that stop your business from running smoothly so you can have the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most.

Helping Construction Contractors Grow and Enjoy Their Businesses

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Production Control

An idle job workday is a day's profit gone forever!


Workflow and Information Flow

Are employees wasting their energy and company profits on unnecessary tasks?

builder scheduling software

Technology Audit

Is your company taking full advantage of technology?

Our Story

Tom Prince

  • Florida State CGC (inactive)
  • Over 30 years building production and luxury homes for national builders and his own company
  • BS degree in workflow evaluation and job scheduling
  • Project manager for 200-acre multi-use projects
  • Founder and owner of an Internet services company
  • Computer programmer – technology analyst

Tom the Builder

We used Tom's homes to teach our trainees the proper way to build a home. His attention to detail and insistence for doing it right is second to none.
Senior Building Inspector
While getting my teeth cleaned, my dentist suggested that I contact Tom for a job. I explained that Tom recently fired me because I did not follow his agreed to specifications. I told the dentist that if I could afford a luxury home, I would only let Tom build it.
Painting Contractor
Your daily supervision assured the quality home in which we now live. The finish subcontractors raved about how precise our interior walls were.
Tom's construction knowledge was so extraordinary, that we would go to him to find water leaks in our homes when no one else could.
Fellow Builder